Prepare Fee Proposal

Define scope of work

  1. Every phase of project is listed: pre-design, schematics, design development, contract documents, bidding, construction, post construction
  2. Every special service is included
  3. Every expected task is included
  4. Every consultant task is included

Calculate project fee

  1. Time or fee is estimated for every task
  2. Fee for every consultant is included
  3. Fee includes markup for managing consultants
  4. Fee includes reimbursables: printing, travel, communications
  5. Fee includes contingency

Write cover letter

  1. Cover letter explains proposal

Package proposal

  1. Proposal format and content conforms to owner request
  2. Proposal includes appropriate supporting material: description of scope, fee calculations, project schedule
  3. Proposal material checked for accuracy and completeness: spell check, grammar check, calculation totals
  4. Proposal sent to appropriate parties: owner, agency, CEO
  5. Proposal delivered to correct address: hand deliver, mail, special handling, email (PDF version)
  6. Proposal verified as received
  7. Copies of proposal properly filed


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