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One of the best ways to assure that a task is complete is by testing. In software, tests are written and automated. In architecture, at least for now, we don't test; we just review what we've done instead. Reviews are more effective if aided by checklists. They reduce the chance of something being overlooked.

The concept is simple. Break a project into tasks, then break large tasks into smaller tasks. Then write a list of tests (a checklist) for each task. Verify that you've passed each test as you complete the task. When you've passed all the tests and can't think of any more tests to add, the task is done. You can and should test each task as you complete it.

In architecture, tasks are somewhat repetitive, so checklists can be used again and again, and improved over time.

This section of the site provides a library of checklists, written in the form of testlists, for architectural project tasks. The window pane to the left provides links to the checklists.

Copying Checklists

Feel free to copy and use these checklists for your own projects. How? See copying material.

More About Testing and Checklists

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