Attend Meeting

Prepare to attend meeting

  1. Background material has been reviewed: prior minutes, meeting agenda, study documents, reference materials
  2. Personal objectives have been identified: to learn, inform, participate, network
  3. Transportation to meeting has been arranged: personal transportation, taxi, auto rental, plane, train
  4. Hotel arrangements have been made: room booked, confirmation received, confirmation number available
  5. Luggage has been packed: suitcases, carry-ons, briefcases, purses, wallets
  6. Networking material has been packed: business cards, brochures, photos, white papers
  7. Note-taking material has been packed: notepad, pens, laptop computer, camera, tape recorder, video cam
  8. Communication equipment has been packed: cell phone, PDA
  9. Material required to access meeting has been packed: directions, security documents, registration forms, membership cards, drivers license, contact names, addresses, phone numbers
  10. Potential network contacts have been identified: names, phone numbers, email addresses, photos
  11. Network contacts have been notified: by phone, email
  12. Out-of-office messages have been posted: email, phone, personal contact

Attend meeting

  1. Personal objectives have been met: questions answered, networking contacts met
  2. Unclear discussion items have been clarified
  3. Notes or task cards have been created for follow-up: action items, ideas for future
  4. Receipts for reimbursement have been collected: travel, parking, meals

Follow-up after meeting

  1. Task cards for follow-up and action items have been created: team items, personal items
  2. Meeting reports have been created: meeting notes, meeting summaries, contact lists
  3. Receipts for reimbursement have been submitted: travel, parking, meals
  4. Thank-you cards have been sent: host, attendees, contacts


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