Show Floor Plan Dimensions

Show building dimensions

  1. Overall size of building is dimensioned
  2. Size and location of every indentation and projection is dimensioned
  3. Location of every grid line is dimensioned: column lines, reference grid lines
  4. Size and location of every building appendage is dimensioned: balconies, decks, stairs
  5. Location of every exterior and interior wall is dimensioned
  6. Location of every exterior and interior opening is dimensioned: doors, windows, louvers
  7. Size and location of every built-in component is dimensioned: cabinets, countertops, vanities, shelving
  8. Overall size of each room is shown
  9. Dimensions are sufficient for contractor to locate and lay out all building features without additional information

Show stair dimensions

  1. All stairwell openings are dimensioned: width, length
  2. Number of stair treads for each stair are shown
  3. Total length of stair run for each stair is dimensioned
  4. All stair and landing widths are dimensioned
  5. Distance between each wall and handrail is dimensioned
  6. All handrail extension distances are dimensioned: from top tread to end of rail, from bottom tread to end of rail
  7. Dimensions are sufficient for contractor to locate and lay out all stair elements without additional information

Coordinate with office standards

  1. Every dimension or dimension string is taken from and to a logical control point: edge of slab, existing wall, column grid line
  2. Point where every dimension is taken from is identified by notes, abbreviations or symbols: face of stud, face of concrete, face of finish, centerline room, centerline wall, centerline column
  3. Dimension strings are closed or open in conformance with office standard
  4. Every dimension note, abbreviation, and symbol conforms to office standard

Coordinate with other drawings

  1. Exterior dimension strings agree with overall building dimensions
  2. Interior dimension strings agree with overall room dimensions
  3. Ground floor dimensions agree with foundation plan dimensions
  4. Overall building dimensions agree with site plan dimensions
  5. Every dimension symbol and abbreviation agrees with legend


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