Draw Exterior Elevations

Show building graphics

  1. Every unique exterior building face is shown: north, south, east, west, hidden alcoves
  2. Every building opening and penetration is shown: doors, windows, louvers, framed openings
  3. Every building projection is shown: stairways, balconies, decks, overhangs, porches, canopies, bay windows, fin walls, awnings, trellises
  4. Every exposed roof drainage component is shown: downspouts, downspout anchors, gutters, scuppers, conductor heads, flashing
  5. Every attached building component is shown: guardrails, railings, fences, gates
  6. Every exterior control joint is shown: seismic, finish material
  7. Every visible wall-mounted electrical component is shown: light fixtures, electrical panels, exposed service lines, alarms, phones, doorbells
  8. Every visible wall-mounted plumbing component is shown: hose bibbs, exposed pipes, drinking fountains, standpipe connections
  9. Every visible wall-mounted mechanical component is shown: exhaust fans, vents, louvers
  10. All exposed rooftop mechanical equipment is shown: fans, coolers, exhaust hoods
  11. Every visible wall-mounted security component is shown: alarms, phones, doorbells
  12. Every visible wall-mounted architectural component is shown: signs, building numbers, flagpoles
  13. Every attached decorative building component is shown: trim, shutters
  14. Location of finish grade at building is shown: grade lines, sidewalk lines, deck lines
  15. Location of new and existing grade at building is shown
  16. Location of hidden below grade components at building are shown: basements, crawl spaces
  17. Location of concealed roofing levels are shown
  18. Location of every finish material transition is shown: color, texture, material
  19. Every building material termination, joint, and junction is shown: vertical and horizontal
  20. Adjacent building construction is shown: buildings, fences, walls, walkways

Show detail cross references

  1. Detail for every unique base condition is keyed in: exterior wall to sidewalk, to grade, to deck
  2. Detail for every unique horizontal condition is keyed in: material transitions, deck projections, roof projections
  3. Detail for every unique vertical condition is keyed in: interior corners, exterior corners
  4. Detail for every unique opening condition is keyed in: heads, jambs, sills
  5. Detail for every unique roof condition is keyed in: roof eaves, roof rakes, roof parapets
  6. Detail for every unique material transition is keyed in: joints, terminations

Show other cross reference symbols

  1. All building section cut lines are keyed in
  2. All column grid lines are shown
  3. All key plans and related elevation references are keyed in

Show material identifications

  1. Every building material or component is identified by abbreviation, keynote, or symbol: siding, roofing, trim, flashing, gutters, downspouts
  2. Each material symbol identifies only one type of material

Show sheet notes

  1. Sheet title is shown
  2. Elevation titles and scales are shown

Coordinate with office standards

  1. Format for notations conform to office standard: sheet notes, elevation names
  2. Every item is drawn on appropriate CAD layer, conforming to office standard
  3. Every keynote conforms to office standards

Coordinate with external requirements

  1. Elevations conform to requirements of owner, lender, review agencies, code authorities
  2. Elevations conform to requirements of planning departments, design review boards

Coordinate with legend

  1. Every cross reference symbol is listed and described in legend
  2. Every material symbol is listed and shown in legend
  3. Every abbreviation matches definition in legend
  4. Only abbreviations defined in legend are used

Coordinate with other drawings

  1. Every elevation agrees with floor plans, building sections
  2. All existing grade conditions agree with survey
  3. All new grade conditions agree with site plan, civil, landscape drawings
  4. Every structural control joint agrees with structural drawings
  5. All sheet titles agree with table of contents
  6. Every building name agrees with site plan
  7. Every mechanical, electrical, plumbing component shown agrees with corresponding engineering drawings
  8. Every detail and other cross reference symbol refers to correct reference and sheet


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