Project Tasks


Although it might seem otherwise, there are a finite number of tasks required to complete an architectural project. This section of the site attempts to list them all. Well, at least many of them.

Accessing Tasks

Click on a link in the window pane to the left to see all tasks for the selected phase. Then click on a task to see a checklist of tests for the selected task. Only tasks set in a blue font have test lists available.

Using Task Lists

Task lists are comprehensive checklists you can use to:

Task Order

I've listed tasks generally in the order they might be performed. However, with XPM, we select the highest priority tasks each week from the stack of remaining tasks, so the list order shown here becomes irrelevant.

Missing Tasks?

If you know of tasks that are missing, email For more information, see contact us.

More Information

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Feedback Wanted

The task list is not complete, but I update it frequently. I'd appreciate your comments, suggestions and additions. See contact us for more information.

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