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This website uses separate windows (frames) to display a table of contents on the left and content on the right. Content pages have a link near the bottom that displays printer-friendly pages. Just click on the link, print your page, and click on your browser's back arrow.

Some pages, like tables of contents, don't have the printer-friendly link. Here's how to print them:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the window you want printed. You won't see anything happen, but your computer will remember the click location.
  2. Press Ctrl-P, that is, hold down the control key, then press 'P'. Explorer will pop up the "Print" window.
  3. Select "Only the selected frame" from the Print window.
  4. Click on the OK button. The selected frame will be printed.


  1. Right-click on the window you want printed. A selection window will pop up.
  2. Select "This Frame" from the selection window. Another selection window will pop up.
  3. Select "Show only this frame" from the second selection window.
  4. Click Mozilla's "Print" button. The displayed window will be printed.
  5. You can return to the prior layout by clicking Mozilla's "Back" button.

Printer-Friendly Version

Click here for a version of this page that's more suitable for printing. After printing, click the back-arrow of your browser to return to the original format with an index alongside.

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