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The Architectural Practices website provides information, advice, tools, and other materials to help architects manage projects effectively. The site focuses on a specific set of project management practices that have been developed and used successfully in other fields, primarily software development. They're considered 'lightweight' processes sometimes categorized under the heading of 'agile project management'. Agile project management includes software development methodologies like Scrum, Crystal Clear, and Extreme Programming. Most of the practices on this site are adapted from Extreme Programming. Thus, I've come to call these practices Extreme Project Management or XPM.

There are other books and Internet references to Extreme Project Management and XPM. This version of XPM is not related, except by coincidence.

While this site focuses on 'practices' because they're more visible, easily understood and easily measured, it also covers the ideas, concepts, goals, and values that underlie them, as well as tools and techniques that support them.

Using Architectural Practices

The Architectural Practices website is a free resource for architects, engineers, contractors, and other members of the building community. It focuses on collaborative ways to get work done, get it done right, and get it done fast.

There are four sections to this site, accessed by the links at the top and bottom of each page. The "Home" link provides access to articles about XPM plus other site-related material. The "Tasks" link lists tasks required to complete an architectural project. When you click on a task, a set of checklists related to the task is displayed (if available). The "Checklists" link provides lists of tests related to each task. It shows a list of all testlists available at this time. And the "Search Tools" link provides access to some unique search engines that should be of interest to architects.

For those unfamiliar with XPM, I recommend that you start by reading the articles listed on the left from the top down. For printer-friendly pages, see below.

Status Report

I'm currently working full-time on a software project, and haven't been updating the site. I've removed all the search tools because they're out of date.

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